Savannah Newcomers Club

Savannah Newcomers Club

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     President's  Message

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        Carole Kinduell-Davis
             SNC President 2021

Savannah ...
Honoring its past, embracing its present and its future.

     At the beginning of the Thirteenth Colony, to the north, South Carolina
was immensely prosperous. To the south were the expansionist interests
of the Spanish in Florida. So it was that Oglethorpe accepted the charge to
establish our colony that would buffer the two. Even the original trustees
of this colony could not have predicted that Savannah would evolve into
one of the most charming, romantic and historically important cities in

    We are indeed fortunate to live in this beautiful town so rich in
history with a vibrantly dynamic present and such a promising future
that continues to intrigue and amaze ... just waiting for discovery.
There isn’t another organization I can think of that embraces
Savannah more enthusiastically, and that offers more occasions to
participate in and discover our community more fully than Savannah
Newcomers Club. Through our sponsored luncheon meetings, activities
and excursions, our members connect with one another in our
community. Acquaintances form and friendships develop. Then, as if by
magic, our new town ... becomes our Home Town!

     Join us ... we are eager to get to know you.

Most Sincerely,

Carole Kinduell-Davis,


Executive Officers 
Standing and Special Committees

President 2021

Carole Kinduell-Davis

Vice President

Robin Noll

Recording Secretary

Rosemary Mackey

Corresponding Secretary

       Debbie Breslin


Patty Wharton


Elke Quinn

Prospective Members

Karen Eskew


Susan Heath



Susan Tauster


Jean McCurry   

Welcome Mat

Patricia Ashton


Kathy Shields


Heidi Cross


Rosemary Mackey 


Donna Roy


 Angela Margolit

Special Events 

Nan Taylor

Wine Tasting

The beauty of this city-The history of this city-the people of this city! You name it. You can't beat Savannah, Georgia... to visit or to live in.

Yahoo Travel

April Market

Jan Vach

Holiday Party

Karen Eskew/Susan Woods

City Adventures

Peggy Hegerty / Cindy Finck

Day Trip Tours

Luncheon Venues

Deb Palmer / Marianne Pruner

Luncheon Reservations

Sue Gorecki

Luncheon Check-In

Janice Baldwin

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Susan Heath / Toni Floyd


Debbie Stark/Gail Walters


Door Prizes

Helen Jordan/Ellen Thomas

50/50 Raffle

 Chris Sheffler


Website and Facebook Manager

Karen Eskew

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