Savannah Newcomers Club

Savannah Newcomers Club

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     President's  Message


        Sylvia Severance
        SNC President 2019

This is no dress rehearsal . . .

“I’m not sure how many of you have heard this saying before, but it is one that my husband Jake and I have abided by since we got married. It seems more and more important the older and creakier we get. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the Newcomers moved to this delightful city because they had either had enough of the cold temperatures up north, were down-sizing as empty nesters, or realized that this city had so much art and music and sunshine, they would enjoy many happy days here.”

I wrote the above paragraph as one of my first “President’s Letters’” and it best encapsulates why many ladies continue to join the Savannah Newcomers Club. This club has opened up so many doors for me and continues to do so. Having been a member since 2008, I’m one of the elders no doubt, but with the growth of retirees settling in this area, there are always new people to meet. Our numbers grew to over 400 in 2018.

From our monthly Programs & Luncheons, to our varied Activities, City Adventures, Special Events, Wine Tastings . . . yes the list does go on. There’s always something to entertain and illuminate our members. If you are thinking about joining us, you can come to one of our Program/Luncheons as a guest. Just contact us for information.

As we like to say: There’s always room for one more . . .

Sylvia Frezzolini Severance

President 2019


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The beauty of this city-The history of this city-the people of this city! You name it. You can't beat Savannah, Georgia... to visit or to live in.

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