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Savannah Newcomers Club

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        Heidi Cross
        SNC President 2020

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a blissfully memorable New Year. This will be the start of Savannah Newcomers’ 71 st year as an organization.
First of all, I want to thank Sylvia Severance, the Executive Board and all the ladies on our extensive list of committees who have so diligently planned to make sure the events of the year were interesting and would stimulate involvement.  Without them, we would not have such a diverse offering of activities.  
I would also like to encourage all members to actively become involved in the organization by either participating in activities and/or offering to commit themselves to be a leader on a committee. This will be an exciting year….as all the others in the past have been…with many new adventures and experiences.
A little about myself..I moved to Savannah in May 2016, not knowing anyone.  My adult life was spent in Virginia Beach, VA, then Pinehurst, NC with my second husband who passed away in 2007, then N. Myrtle Beach, SC (not that I want to claim those 6 years!),  I finally found my way to Savannah and I immediately looked up Newcomers and joined.  My husband, Jim, and I had been involved in Newcomers in Pinehurst and it was one of the best decisions we made when we moved there.   The first SNC luncheon I attended was by myself at the Pirate’s House.  The speakers were from HSF and I connected with them.  Subsequent SNC adventures introduced me to many wonderful ladies, I can remember the first ones I met and their welcoming spirit.  If you are new to the area, find special interests and get involved.  And now I am president of SNC…what a responsibility!  
The best advice I can offer is to be sure to read the Welcome Mat when it arrives in your email and respond in a timely manner.  The best way to meet others is through getting involved in the activities detailed in the last pages of the Welcome Mat.  Be sure to communicate with the lady in charge of that pursuit should you want to be included in receiving monthly updates.  The variety of  activities is one of SNC’s special secrets.
Welcome to another year of Newcomers, I know we are all looking forward to rewarding experiences and new friendships.  
Heidi Cross


Executive Officers 
Standing and Special Committees

President 2020

Heidi Cross

Vice President

Carole Kinduell-Davis

Recording Secretary

Pat Ashton

Corresponding Secretary

       Susan Prutzman


Ann Snope


Elke Quinn

Prospective Members

Karen Eskew


Carole Kinduell-Davis/Sylvia Severance


Elly Gardner 

Susan Tauster


Vikki Annand   

Welcome Mat

Patricia Ashton


Carolyn Steigmeier


Sylvia Severance


Rosemary Mackey / Linda David


Donna Roy


 Jane Radley / Angela Lopez

Special Events 

Susan Heun /  Nan Taylor

Wine Tasting

Judy Faraklas / Karyn Rohan

The beauty of this city-The history of this city-the people of this city! You name it. You can't beat Savannah, Georgia... to visit or to live in.

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April Market

Jan Vach/Carole Kinduell-Davis/Nancy Souter

Deb Palmer

Holiday Party

Conni Connan/Diana Coryell/Karen Eskew

Lorraine Cobernus/Anna Snope

City Adventures

Sheridan Munson/June Alston

Day Trip Tours

Linda Meyer

Luncheon Venues

Sue Gorecki/Deb Palmer

Luncheon Reservations

Robin Noll

Luncheon Check-In

Janice Baldwin/Karyn Rohan/Judy Waller

Name Tags 

Susan Heath / Toni Floyd


Debbie Stark/Angela Margolit/Gail Walters


Door Prizes

Helen Jordan/Ellen Thomas

50/50 Raffle

 Debbie Carpenter/Debbie Sens/Judi Dobrei/Ellen Thomas


Website and Facebook Manager

Karen Eskew

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