Savannah Newcomers Club

Savannah Newcomers Club

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Have questions? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked.

Membership Questions___________________________________________________________________

1. How do I join Savannah Newcomers Club?

You may click on the “ready to join” link found throughout this website and send a message including your name, phone number and email address and we will call you back.

2. What if I’m undecided about joining?

Our Prospective Members Committee will answer any questions about the club and activities. You will be invited to attend two (2) of our monthly luncheons before joining. You will also receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, the Welcome Mat, which contains a wealth of information and will give you more details to let you know what Savannah Newcomers is all about.

You may contact our Prospective Members chair using the form on the Contact Us page.

3. What is the membership fee?

The current membership fee is $24.00.

This fee is subject to change at the Board’s discretion.

4. How do I renew my membership?

Contact Judy Case at: to get a renewal form.

If you have been inactive for more than eleven (11) months, please contact our membership chairperson, Judy Case, at: to find out how much you will need to pay for the inactive period.

Welcome Mat Questions_________________________________________________________________

1. What is the Welcome Mat?

The Welcome Mat is our club Newsletter. It is where you can find out information about current club events, Luncheon registration forms, social opportunities to make new friends, explore the area, and pursue your interests. 

2. How often is the Welcome Mat issued?


3. Who do I notify if I’m not receiving my Welcome Mat?

Email Judi Gast, co-chair of the Circulation Committee at

4.. I can’t open the attachment in the Welcome Mat email. What can I do?

The Welcome Mat is sent in a file format known as a PDF. In order to open this type of file, you will need to download a free software program called Adobe Reader.

Click on this link to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Circulation Questions____________________________________________________________________

1. How do new members receive Member Directories?

The Membership Committee notifies the Circulation Committee of all new members monthly. A copy of the most current directory is emailed to new members when they join. If you have not received a directory within two (2) months of joining, please email Judi Gast, co-chair of the Circulation Committee at

Still have questions? Feel free to Contact US.